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1 February 2013 13:28
I know what you mean about television Carol. But I cfsoens to watching some of the housewives, as well as Top Chef (love the creativity of the cooking). And then there is Work of Art which ended recently, and I thoroughly enjoyed, including the controversy over putting fine artists into a competitive game show arena. But Mad Men is truly high quality viewing. I strongly recommend it. (And many of the writers are women, incidentally.)Among other things, for those of us with a memory of the 60s, it's an amazing, reverberating experience. I feel as though I am transported back to my mother's kitchen every time I see the home of the main character's wife. And certain other details have remarkable power to conjure memories I thought long gone. Add in a talented ensemble cast, terrific writing, intriguing plots and it really is terrific. (My local B N had Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD at 50% off. Think about it! And no, I'm not shilling for B N!)