Im Anunn e VIOLA - My Name Is Viola


This is the story of Haykuhi, a young girl whose world is one of loneliness and humiliation, and her only desire is to break free, but that possibility seems hopeless--even impossible, that is, until she meets Anna, a beautiful girl whose life seems perfect. Living in Anna's world, with many wonderful possibilities in front of her, Haykuhi's new life appears exciting, almost exhilarating... that is until she discovers that Anna's world is no different, if not worse than her own. Faced with bigger problems than she had in her past life, Haykuhi discovers that her only chance to survive is to escape....

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15 February 2014 12:37
Verjapes yerbek filme dnelu . 1 taria menak trilernenk nayum
19 January 2014 16:57
vonc karanq nayenq es [email protected]?
27 August 2013 20:31
ete chenq karoxanalu nael inch eq ankap qcum ay sayti terer
2 August 2013 02:52